Jan 5, 2018   We have had two breedings this week both with Our Sire Jaxon .   Joise and LuLu will be having puppies the first week of March . Deposits will begin to be taken now . Because the litters are so close the buyer will be able to choose from either litter . The price this year will be 1500.00 for male or female . Buyers that send in a 500.00 deposit per pup need to be able to choose a male pick or female pick or both .  Please call or e-mail for more info . As of March 1st  LuLu has delivered her litter Joise will have her's delivered by March 5 , We have 9 deposits so far 

March 1, 2018 LuLu delivered her first litter of 8 beautiful puppies 4 females and 4 males and all black and white  

4/10/2018 - There are three males available from two litters of 14 puppies this past 6 weeks .  All three are beautiful pups - Bold -playful - and happy little guys 

Auburn bretons 

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